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Keep Social Security Off The Bargaining Table & Assure Its Solvency

WHEREAS, a majority of senior citizens and a substantial number of dependents, survivors, and disabled civilians and veterans need and rely on the Social Security benefits earned by themselves or their parents or spouses, said benefits being paid from one of the Social Security Trust Funds which the President and Congress are responsible to maintain; …

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Reducing Gun Violence in the US

Whereas gun violence in the United States of America—whether the regular occurrences in disadvantaged areas or random killing sprees—cuts short promising lives, brings heartache to families, neighborhoods and the nation as a whole, and lessens the safety and security of individuals in their daily lives; and Whereas the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, …

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Resolution To Reverse U.S. Patent Regime For Genetically Engineered (GE) Crops

WHEREAS a very large, and increasing, percentage of crops grown in the United States are from genetically engineered (GE) seed stocks1with the result that a few companies now dominate the global commercial seed market2 and an increasing proportion of planted crops are genetically similar or identical, and WHEREAS the increasing consumption of GE crops and …

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