Mark Wells is the newly elected 2nd DSRC Vice President

Hello.  My name is Mark Wells and I am the newly elected 2nd Vice President of the Democrats of Southwest Riverside County.  I am so grateful that so many interested and active Democrats have attended the previous two meetings we have had.

I am also the Membership Chair for the club and I have been working on finding ways to attract more Democrats to our club and other clubs that are more local to their own area.  All the clubs in the area have become dedicated to working together on large projects, events and activities while continuing to work with their own  members on each club’s sets of goals.

I want to be available to anyone and everyone who is a member or wishes to learn more about becoming a member of this club or another club that they feel more comfortable with. Southwest is the largest club in the area, at this time.  It has a long and noble history of serving Democrats and Democratic Party values and candidates for several decades and will become stronger, more vibrant and more active with every new member.

Please feel free to Email me at: mtwells@pacbell.net or look for my Facebook Page which you might be able to find if you go to the Facebook Search area and type in: Markwells Backgroundactor.  Thank you.